Friday, January 14, 2022

Jersey Alexanderplatz

Günter Lambrecht as Franz Biedenkopf.

Last night, after randomly watching Jacques Rivette's LE PONT DE NORD (which I didn't much like), I decided to embark on another viewing of BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ. It's worth going through the whole thing again just to re-experience the Epilogue, which I believe more or less handed David Lynch his post-DUNE career. I've never tried to articulate or outline the connections I intuit between the two but I feel there is a potent fundamental relationship between this 13-part miniseries and a significant other, THE SOPRANOS. It's there in the physical similarities between Günter Lamprecht and James Gandolfini, the ongoing tension between crime and confession, German and Italian pride, the mob and Nazism, the anger that always surfaces in the sexual relationships, and also in the story's increasing outreach to other planes of reality, consciousness, and damnation.

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano.

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