Friday, February 23, 2024


Now available at Amazon in hardcover and softcover is NOZONE: REVIEWS OF ART, CULT, AND GENRE CINEMA 2003-2012. It collects all of the "NoZone" columns I wrote for SIGHT & SOUND magazine over an almost-10-year period - plus one never-before-published column on a popular horror title!
This is my first collection of archival writings since THE VIDEO WATCHDOG BOOK in 1992, and the first in a projected series of Bear Manor Media books collecting the best of my past 50+ years of writing about film. The second will follow shortly, and I am compiling another now.
Each of the reviews in this illustrated 422-page book is has been been meticulously restored to be faithful to their original appearance in print while also putting back material previously cut from them for reasons of space. They have also been annotated to include the latest information about the films' present availability on home media.
I've always considered my NOZONE columns one of the highlights of my 50+ year career as a critic. I felt very privileged to be writing regularly for S&S and the time I spent before their readership encouraged me to raise my game. I'm extremely proud of this work and I believe you'll enjoy it too.
Available from Amazon or direct from the publisher. (At the moment, the Amazon hardcover price is $10 off the Bear Manor Media website price!